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Picture of Dedicated Mute Button on a BlackBerry

How many times have we pushed the mute button during a teleconference at work? To discuss strategy before committing? To hide uncontrollable laughter? To curse the other end of the line? All with the comfort of the red LED indicating that the phone is on mute and the other party cannot hear us.

Let me illustrate the importance of the mute button. What makes a good business phone? Great email synchronization including pushmail? Full QWERTY keypad (real or virtual)? Advanced encryption for secure communication? Lack anything that is remotely fun? Well one this is for sure, BlackBerry which is the specialist in business phones, got the dedicated mute button right.

Take other equipment for teleconferencing. Most devices have a central console and multiple (typically 3) extensions having just a microphone so that all the people in a boardroom sized conference can speak. The only button on the extensions is the dedicated mute button. The only LED indicator on all extensions is the mute indicator.

What would happen if the mute button stops working? Even worse, what would happen if the red LED shone brightly but the phone isn’t muted? Given the right (or wrong) time, this would be enough to lose contracts? Strain relations? Get people fired? Split a company? Corporate espionage anyone?

PS: As I was searching for a suitable picture for this post, came across this. It describes an incident of a broken mute button, comments agree with more incidents.

PPS: I have used a total of 17 question marks ‘?’ including this one in this post. All sentences in the last paragraph end with a question mark.